Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ribbon Rocket

1 1/2” in. Grosgrain in Cobalt Blue
7/8” in. Grosgrain in Hot Red
7/8” in. Grosgrain Stripes in Red
5/8” in. Stripes in Red/White/Blue
3/8” in. Betsy Ross in Red/Blue
3/16” in. Metallic Curling in colors Red, Silver, and RoyalBlue
3/16” in. Poly (Curling) in colors White, Red, and Royal
Card stock in your choice of color
Hot glue

*Important Note: Remember to seal all ribbon edges as you go. This will ensure that it will not fray

1. To make life a little easier,  print out the template and cut out the shapes.
***Note: Right click on the thumbnail and 'Open in New Tab' to view and save in full size. Print the template to fit a 8 1/2" x 11" sheet.
2. Roll the rectangular shape into a tube and secure edges with glue.
3. Next, roll the triangular shape into a cone and secure the edges with glue.
4. Cut (6) 4 3/4” in. pieces of 1 1/2” in. Grosgrain in Cobalt. Seal the edges.
5. Adhere the first Cobalt ribbon strip to the cone from the point to the base vertically. Overlap the next strip slightly to cover fully. Repeat with the remaining strips to evenly cover the cone. Tuck the bottom edges up under cone and glue.
6. Now, start to wrap the tube with alternating strips of 7/8” in. Grosgrain in Hot Red, 7/8” in. Grosgrain Stripes in Red, and 3/8” in. Stripes. Glue teh top inside the tube, and wrap at an angle. Cut to desired length. Be sure to tuck the ends inside the bottom of the tube and glue. 
***Note: you can leave space between your ribbons to allow the background color show through if you wish.
7. Apply a hefty amount of glue around the top of the tube and place the cone here.
8. Line the bottom of your cylinder with 3/8” in. Betsy Ross for a more polished look.
9. For the sparkling tail, cut a pile of random length strips of 3/16” in. Metallic Curling in colors Red, Silver, and Royal Blue and 3/16” in. Poly (Curling) in colors White, Red, and Royal.
10. Take half of these and curl them with your scissors.
11. Adhere bunches of the curling ribbon evenly around the inside of the tube.
12. Once, all your strips are attached… Enjoy!!!

You can either attach a piece of thread/fishing line to hang your new rocket or glue a dowel/paint stir inside the tube and stick it in a planter or the yard for a real looking firecracker!

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