Monday, February 27, 2012

Tulle Poof

1366 Tulle in color 024 Orchid
There are several different ways to create these adorable poofs. They are great for hair accessories, Halloween costumes, Christmas garland, and d├ęcor for girl’s rooms, or weddings.  In this tutorial you will learn a quick and easy way to create one.

Wire or matching thread
4”x 6” in Piece of cardstock or cardboard

1. First, cut a piece of tulle about 3 yards   long
2. Wrap the tulle around the width of the 4”x6” in. card
3. Next, slide it carefully off the card
4. Cut a piece of wire or thread about 2” long
5. Wrap the wire or thread around the center of the bundle (this will create a bow shape), pull it tight and secure it by twisting (wire) or tying a knot (thread)
6. Next, cut all the loops of tulle
7. Start pulling all the layers toward the center to fluff the poof
8. Once you are happy with overall shape of your creation, trim off any extra long pieces sticking out.  This will make it nice and round
9. Enjoy your new poof!

To make garland:
Thread a needle with fishing line and tie a knot on one end. Next, string your poofs on the line and tie a knot when finished to secure it

*Changing the length and width of the tulle will vary the diameter and fullness of your poof
*Try adding another color on top to make one that’s fun and colorful

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