Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Scrap Ribbon Wallet

Heat bond (sew through)
1 yd of fabric
7 in. zipper
3/8 in. solid grosgrain (at least 5 yards) (edging)

Required Tools:
Sewing Machine
Edge seal (lighter, heat sealer, or No Fray)
Fabric marker/chalk

*Important Note: Remember to seal all ribbon edges as you go. This will ensure that it will not fray.

1. Cut a piece of fabric 7x7 1/2 in. **blue**
2. Apply heat bond to the back of each piece of ribbon. (See package for instructions) Let cool.
3. Remove paper backing from the heat bond and arrange the pieces of ribbon to your desired look on the back of the 7x7 1/2 in. piece of fabric.
4. Carefully, iron the ribbon to adhere it to the fabric. Trim any pieces that are hanging off the border. *Remember to seal the edges!
5. Now, sew along the edge of each piece of ribbon to ensure that they are secured to the fabric.  This section will be the outer shell of your wallet.

6. Cut your newly made outer shell **blue** 3 1/8 in. from the bottom of the 7 in. side.
7. Next, sew a piece of the solid grosgrain for edging **yellow** along the edges of your fresh cut.
8. Apply heat bond to your zipper. **white** Then, line it up with newly edged pieces and adhere.
9. Cut a piece of fabric 7 ½ in x 6 ¾ in. **cream** This will be used for your zipper pocket.
10. Line up one edge of your fabric to the zipper’s edge. Make sure the pattern faces inward.
11. Sew this edge to the zipper and outer shell.
12. Fold the rest of fabric up so that the fold will be at the bottom of your outer shell. A portion of the fabric (about ¾ in to an 1in) should surpass the zipper. Use heat bond to adhere this portion to the shell on the opposite side of the zipper.
13. Your outer shell is now complete! Yay!

14. Cut 3 pieces of fabric 3 1/8 x 7 in. **green**   These will be for your cash pocket/slot section.
15. Cut one of these in half (will measure 3 1/8 x 3 1/2 in.). Next, sew a piece of edging grosgrain on the inside and outside of 3 1/8 in. side. Do this to both pieces.  These will both be for card slots on top of your money pouch.
16. Take another one of your 3 1/8 x 7 in. pieces of fabric and lay flat.  Place one of the card slot sections 1 1/2in. from the edge of your money pocket.  Sew along the bottom of this to adhere it to the larger piece.
17. Align the last card slot piece to the bottom of the money pocket and sew along the bottom edge.  This will cover the bottom of your upper card slot. The top portion of your money pocket is now complete
18. Align the remaining 3 1/8 x 7in. piece to the opposite side of your top section of the money pocket and adhere with heat bond. (Make sure your design side is facing out.)
19. Next sew a piece of edging grosgrain on the inside and outside of the long edge. This will polish the edges off and finish this section.

20. Cut a piece of fabric 3 1/2 x 7 in. **pink**  This will be used for your card section.
21. Measure 2 5/8 in. from the short side and mark with your chalk/fabric pen. This will be where your stitch for the pocket goes. Do the same from that line.
22. Next, place a piece of edging grosgrain to the right of the chalk line and adhere it there with heat bond. Do the same with the other line.
23. Now, sew the edge of the grosgrain that it is farthest from the line.
24. Add edging grosgrain along the top edge inside and out. 
25. Next, cut a piece of fabric the same size as your outer shell. **orange** This will be used as your base for the inside portion.
26. Line this piece up with your main inner base piece of fabric.
27. Stitch the remaining vertical edges of your edging grosgrain to create the card slots.

28. You’re almost done! Line up your money pocket section with the opposite side of the main inner base piece and sew along the bottom edge to attach it. Your inner shell is now complete!!!
29. Line up your inner and outer shell.  ** Note: Your money pocket should be back to back with your zipper pocket.
30. Adhere these two together with heat bond.
31. Cut 2 strips of edging grosgrain for each edge (inside and out).
32. Adhere all edging strips with heat bond. ** Note: Let your strips hang over just a tiny bit to ensure that everything gets covered.
33. Once all the edgings have the grosgrain on them (inside and out) sew along the inner and edges to ensure they are attached; be sure to do this on all sides.
34. Congratulations! Your new ribbon wallet is now complete!

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