Friday, September 7, 2012

Ribbon Hedgehog

Meet Hedgie! He is an adorable hedgehog ribbon sculpture that can be used in a variety of crafts from hairbows to party decorations. Our Dazzle grosgrain gives Hedgie his sparkly spikes. Not only is he an adorable woodland critter, he’s also extremely simple to make.

7/8 inch Grosgrain ribbon in Tan
3/8 inch Dazzle ribbon in Turftan
2 Small googly eyes
Black marker

*Note: Remember to seal all your edges.

1. Cut a piece of 7/8 inch Tan Grosgrain ribbon about 3 inches long.
2. Next, fold over as shown and glue the overlapping pieces.
3. Trim off the excess ribbon from the overlapping point. This will be Hedgie’s head and body support.
4. Cut 20 pieces of 3/8 inch Turftan Dazzle ribbon in 2-1/2 inch strips.
5. Fold each piece over to make tight loops. These will be used for Hedgie’s spikes.
6. Attach the loops to the body with glue.
7. Once Hedgie’s body is full, attach the googly eyes to the face.
8. For a cute little nose, color the tip of the face black with the marker.
9. Finally, adhere your new little creature to a clip, headband, pin or woodland scene and enjoy!


  1. Thanks so much for this super cute tutorial! Looking for some new ribbon sculpture ideas and he is just adorable. I think the glitter really adds something too! Thanks again!

  2. Could you take more pics of the body process?? Im having a hard time making thst look right

  3. I too need more photos. I'm not sure how to fold it to start out with! Also, what does it mean to seal the edges?

  4. We are so glad that you all are enjoying our little hedgie!
    The folding method used for the body and the spikes is the same used for our Ribbon Fish
    Sealing the edges prevents the ribbon from fraying once cut. You can do this by using a product like Fray Check, an actual ribbon heat sealer (it cuts the ribbon with a hot wire), or by carefully melting the cut edge of the ribbon with a lighter.

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